Paul van Dyk Announces His Return Is At Dreamstate EDC Vegas

Paul van Dyk has posted good news on his Facebook page, he will return to the stage with his first live performance since his injury being on the Dreamstate stage at EDC LV.

For those of you that didn’t know Paul had a bad fall in the end of February that caused him to sustain a back injury an be hospitalized for a little time. He was performing at the ASOT show in Utrecht when he took a step in the wrong direction on stage an fell down from an elevated platform. It was reported he had a concussion and a cracked vertebrae. Armin van Buuren had to finish out the night on stage. Luckily he has been able to recover from his injuries, at least enough to perform again. Him getting injured sparked the love from trance family’s all over the world wanting to wish him a speedy recovery.

With EDC introducing not just a brand new 360 degree stage but also a whole day at that stage dedicated to trance artists, what better event is out there for Paul to make his comeback and wow us all with his live show. If your at EDC don’t miss it!