Lightning in a Bottle: A Weekend in Photos

Lightning In A Bottle

When you get off Highway 101 to venture towards the San Antonio Recreation Facility in Bradley, CA for The Do Lab’s well-known five-day music, arts and yoga festival Lightning in a Bottle, it may seem like you’re going in quite the wrong direction as your maps tell you to drive thirty minutes down a two lane road surrounded by farms. Drive a little further and you’ll find yourself at the Recreation grounds in an immersive experience unlike any other in the state.

It’s challenging to find words to fully describe the beauty of the grounds that the Do Lab puts together for this festival and the unbelievable crowd that comes together for this weekend filled of festivities. So let’s let the pictures do some talking.

The Woogie Stage at night. 

The Pagoda Bar with a backdrop of the San Antonio lake.

Daytime at the Thunder Stage.

Headdresses and scarves were a dime a dozen and wonderfully creative.


Tiger style.

The Lightning Stage.



The Favela Bar.

Escaping the sun.

The famous Woogie pillars.

All photos by VITAMINDEVO (Devon Frohne).