Insomniac Festivals Will Remain At San Manuel Amphitheater For Now

San Manuel Amphitheater

Insomniac’s SoCal events have been in the news a lot recently for the constant complaints they are getting from neighbors of where they are holding these events.

The residents surrounding the San Manuel Amphitheater, which is home to Beyond Wonderland and Nocturnal Wonderland, have complained continuously about the events and there loud noise, loud attendees and the mess they leave behind. San Bernadino County recently held a vote and needed only three votes in favor of ending the raves at San Manuel, but was unable to get those 3 votes. This is great for Insomniac Events and ravers on the West Coast, as SoCal venues are becoming hard to find. It also benefits the businesses in the nearby area that thrive on the weekends of these events. A curfew has been proposed though on the events making them end at 11pm instead of 2am. A similar time limit was placed on the Bay Area’s Beyond Wonderland.

Matt Prieshoff, the COO of Live Nation, commented that the events bring large amounts of money to the area and that they had voted to end festival nights at 11pm and also to begin the process of creating a task force to study the safety for people at these events.