Illegal Raves in Wales Scares Off Large Red Squirrel Population


Imagine, if you would, that you were quietly relaxing in your apartment, maybe kicked back watching some TV, and then all the sudden 2000 people barged in Red Foo style and started party rockin’ to electronic music and trashing your apartment. It is exactly this that the poor Red Squirrels of Ceredigion, Wales are currently having to put up with after 3 days of illegal raves took place over the long weekend. Many of the locals are extremely worried about two of the largest populations of the protected Red Squirrels who call those woodlands home as this is not the first time that this has happened. One describes the situation, “Animals can grow accustomed to regular disturbance – it’s when something happens in an area previously left untouched that problems can occur, and there’s normally very little human activity in that area so the effects of the rave could potentially be far greater.”

Currently the locals are appealing to the police to stop these raves from occurring again, however, no direct action has yet to be taken. Check out the Telegraph article for the full story, and next time you are raving, be sure to think about other people/animals who might be harmed by your party.

Rave Safe!