That Haunting Game of Thrones Track is Streaming Right Now

Now we know that this isn’t dance music related, per se, but we can appreciate a piece of beautiful music in any form. Game of Thrones is such a phenomenon that Armin van Buuren debuted his remix of the show’s Theme Song at Ultra Music Festival in 2015. If you watched this week’s outstanding season finale, you undoubtedly were drawn in immediately by the elegant and haunting piano that acted as the musical backdrop for Cersei’s sharp turn towards evil.

The song, called “Light of the Seven” is yet another impressive piece of the Game of Thrones Soundtrack produced by Ramin Djawadi. If you’re like us and can’t get that gut wrenching feeling the song brought on out of your head, Spotify has you covered. Now the next question is when and who will remix this gorgeous piece of music. This one seems like a perfect task for Anjunabeats. Who do you think could make the best remix?