Gareth Emery Shares First Episode Of ‘Make It Happen’

make it happen

When it comes to success stories, many names come to mind but none are as moving and motivational as Gareth Emery. After kick-starting the year with an inspiring letter to his fans calling on them to follow their dreams, the English producer has now started an online mini-series titled “Make It Happen“. A series of videos where he will share techniques and tips on how to become a better producer, his main goal is to help out aspiring DJ/ producers that otherwise have little to no knowledge on how to make it big in the dance music industry and life in general. As someone who can relate to being discouraged and feeling like their career is at a stand-still, Emery is in the perfect position to lend a helping hand to others. He has gone from having nothing to performing at some of the grandest dance music events in the world. If there is anyone to take advice from, it’s Gareth Emery, and boy has he made it easier than ever. Check out his letter and first episode below.