Galantis – No Money (Chet Porter Remix)

Being Canadian myself, I love writing articles about Canadian artists. So, when Chet Porter released his remix of Galantis‘, “No Money“, I figured let’s get a piece up, Eh?! Now that I’ve stopped trying to be puny, I can seriously discuss this talented Canadian’s latest release.

Chet Porter is one of those artists who have a distinctively unique sound. His ability to fuse any combination of vocals, rhythms, and delicate accents without flaw has enchanted the ears of many, and his remix of “No Money” is nothing short or what we have come to expect from Chet. Commencing the track with the original, youthful vocals, Chet transmutes Galantis’ track to better coincide with his musical style. Exchanging pop beats for melodies consisting of more complexity and depth, Chet Porter completely transforms the anthemic track into a delightfully uplifting piece. By altering the original tracks vocals, Chet composed vocal loop so melodic, delicate, and hypnotic, listeners will find themselves lost in it. Chet’s remix was also released as part of Galantis’ “No MoneyRemixes (Remixes, Pt. 2) package, so if I haven’t convinced you enough already, stream Chet Porter’s remix of Galantis’, “No Money” and purchase the track, below!

Galantis – No Money (Chet Porter Remix) | iTunes