Eric Prydz captivates audiences wherever he plays, but his signature event is EPIC (Eric Prydz In Concert). After jumpsizing EPIC for 3.0 at Madison Square Garden, Eric decided to go more intimate and go on tour for EPIC 4.0. He decided to take along some of the most sophisticated 4K hologram technology available as his EPIC 4.0 Tour hit the biggest dance music cities in America.

Those who couldn’t be there were left with paralyzing FOMO as videos popped up showing the mesmerizing display and aural journey Eric took his audiences on. To commemorate the tour and perhaps whet our appetites for the 2nd leg, Eric has released an amazing mini documentary explaining the tour. It’s a fascinating look inside the tour and it’s always fascinating to for┬áEric let you into his mind a little and explaining his own perspective. At only 5 minutes, the only downside is you’ll probably be wishing for a full hour long version by the end. Let’s hope there’s more where this came from as Eric embarks on the European leg of the EPIC 4.0 tour. Check it out below if you haven’t already.