EDC20 Adds Wet and Wild New Amusement Attraction

Pasquale Rotella has released more EDC LV sneak peaks via his snapchat this time giving us a preview of one of the rides he will have at the track.

All last week the Insomniac crew has been at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway setting up the massive amount of equipment for the festival. We know this not only cause in years past we’ve been told it takes many days to prepare, but cause Pasquale is providing us with constant snapchat pics and videos to tease us. Last week he made some posts revealing little tiny bits of what looked like the Kinetic Field and Circuit Ground but luckily not enough to show alot of anything. One of the magic parts about EDC is walking into the festival to see the brand new extraordinary stages and designs they have debuted for us so were thankful to him for keeping it a secret.

Leaks come out every year so were bound to see more this week but in his snaps last night he showed us a brand new water log ride for the event. A nice water addition for an already very hot festival. He’s been posting snaps at 3am which is even more proof that no one works harder on our experience than the original night owl himself! Get ready people.