deadmau5 Shows Twitter His Photography Skills

deadmau5It appears that deadmau5‘s talents extend further than just sarcastic Twitter remarks and producing solid beats. In response to Twitter user Emily Olkkola’s equally sarcastic comments about his photography skills, Joel Zimmerman posted a link to his Flickr account which showcases a decent plethora of photos taken by the mau5 himself during his many travels. Architecture, religious figures, nature and of course his own self seem to be common subjects in his beautiful pictures.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but oh how intriguing it is when someone who loves to play around on the Twittersphere showcases talents that need no words of explanation. If you were to examine his photographs without knowing the personality of the man who took them, you would assume the artist to be someone of serene and peaceful nature. But anyone who follows deadmau5’s social media accounts knows that he is anything but quiet. Still, it can’t be denied that he has a great hand at photography. Check out some of his photos below, and for his full portfolio, head over to Flickr.