Darude Sandstorm Gets Orchestral Extreme Makeover

Sandstorm orchestra

One of the most popular club tracks of all time has been given an orchestra makeover. The 2000 hit single of “Sandstorm” by Finnish DJ/producer Darude. “Sandstorm” has become the one club track that everyone of every musical taste automatically refers to when they provide an example of EDM. It has also become the butt of jokes whenever someone would ask in a comments section of a post about a particular song in the post and the people in the comments section would reply with “Darude – Sandstorm”.

If you thought the song was slowly going to extinction, you are sorely mistaken as an orchestra out of Sydney, Australia called the Sydney Youth Orchestra took their talents to the club hit. They performed it as part of a show called IGNITE where musicians will take their jabs at performing classic club tracks of the last two decades or so. Want to know how the orchestra did? Take a look below and enjoy!