Cavalier- ONE TWO (ft. Ezra)

If you’re looking for a heavy, dark trap track to lead you into the weekend, look no further than Cavalier’s new track “ONE TWO” featuring Ezra. This is the second release the two have collaborated on, following the groovy path of “Staring At The Sunset.”

The duo wastes no time pulling you in with deep, augmented vocals and the tittering hi-hats of Cavalier’s production at the forefront. The staccato percussion is complemented by flourishes of spacey notes, building into a rapid verse courtesy of Ezra’s hip-hop stylings.

“ONE TWO” is a surprising track, as it starts out heavy and eventually relaxes as it progresses. In the end, the menacing feel is balanced by some 90’s R&B inspired chimes, a cool juxtaposition to the overall downtempo vibe. Check out the track below, and grab it as a free download on Toneden.