Aphex Twin Hires 12-Year-Old For CIRKLON3 Music Video


This week in “feel-good music news,” comes a story involving Aphex Twin. The amorphous and often mysterious pioneering producer has taken a new step in surprising innovation with his new tune “CIRKLON3,” not because he used some fancy equipment, discovered a new sound frequency (or something), or even released it to wildly successful critical acclaim. No CIRKLON3 hits the news today because Aphex Twin has commissioned a 12 year old to direct the music video. Which, let’s be honest, is pretty awesome.

CIRKLON3’s video hit the internet on June 22nd via YouTube, and follows the 12 year old Dublin-based around town with little to no plot or direction whatsoever. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s weirdly Aphex Twin-y. Alongside it’s decidedly late 90’s and early 00’s editing filters, this video displays a bizarre twilight zone-esque window into another life that could only be a product of Aphex Twin. If you ask me, it fits the bill perfectly. CIRKLON3 is the first cut from his forthcoming Cheetah EP, which you can expect to release on July 8th via Warp Records.