Soundcloud Partners with Landr for Automatic Mastering

Soundcloud is still attempting to make moves to save face and save its future – this time with a new partnership with LANDR, an instant mastering app and website. This partnership will allow Soundcloud’s paid subscribers (via Soundcloud Go) to use LANDR’s service to create high quality uploads for any streaming purpose at no cost. Free members will also get free WAV downloads, along with the ability to directly share tracks from LANDR to Soundcloud.

According to LANDR, every free SoundCloud user will get one free WAV track and unlimited “optimized for SoundCloud” songs. SoundCloud Pro users get 2 free WAVs and unlimited “optimized for SoundCloud” songs; SoundCloud Pro unlimited users get 4 free WAVs and unlimited “optimized for SoundCloud” songs. Keep in mind that these tracks are only aimed to be shared on SoundCloud for streaming and will not show in a user’s track library on LANDR for download.