Sebastian Furrer Of Cazzette Explains Decision To Step Away From The Spotlight

Recently, we reported that Swedish duo Cazzette would proceed as a solo act. However, Sebastian Furrer, one half of the duo, penned a lengthy heartfelt message to fans explaining the nature of his role with Cazzette going forth. Furrer announced that, like his friend Avicii, he would no longer be touring, instead stepping out of the spotlight and focusing on the production side of Cazzette. ‎Alexander Björklund, the other half of the hit duo, will take on touring and live performance duties. Furrer writes that “it is ok to admit that the DJ life doesn’t work for you.” He explains that his creative process was somewhat hampered by the strenuous nature of live shows:

“There’s been no shortage of high-profile media attention surrounding the touring life of DJs and dance music producers — a lot of it negative. There is a lot of fun to be had on the road, and between Alex, myself and our team, I have made many amazing memories. This isn’t about one artist bitching about having to tour — an artist should feel grateful and blessed for the opportunity to travel the world and make money from playing shows. But when the setup stops working for you and begins to affect your creativity, something has to change.”

He adds:

“It’s easy to let the idea of change spook you, but for me, it was something necessary to keep things alive. I took myself off the road because it’s what I needed to do to remain creative. As a duo, we were blessed to be in a position to make that decision and secure a future for Cazzette without compromising our partnership. It’s not something I would ever seek sympathy or condolences for, as I am now more positive than ever as to the decision we mutually made and the road ahead for Cazzette.”

Check out the Furrer’s full essay here.