Pierce Fulton Recovering After Horrifying Rope Swing Accident

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that DJs and producers are regular people like the rest of us that like to take daring risks in the name of fun. Often times actions done in the name of risk taking fun end up being awfully dangerous. Pierce Fulton learned this lesson recently, but thankfully he is not only recovering but he is bullish on his ability for a quick recovery.

Pierce took to Facebook from a hospital bed in British Columbia to tell fans that while hiking in the beautiful mountains of BC he decided to try out a sketchy rope swing. He ended up colliding with a tree and tumbling into a lake which resulted in multiple fractured ribs and punctured lung. Luckily he is already released from the hospital and he does not intend for his injuries to affect his touring schedule, even if he has to play sitting down. Pierce also let us know he has an EP coming up on which he is singing, writing, and producing. We’re glad to know that Pierce is ok and wish him a speedy recovery!