Deadmau5 Teases “Snowcone” Release

Finally. We finally have some deadmau5 news that doesn’t stem from Twitter or Soundcloud or hackers or lawsuits. However, we’re not entirely sure what it is. Today, out of the blue, mau5trap posted a mysterious teaser video to Facebook. It’s literally nothing more than a windy snow filled scene that looks like is slowly blowing the snow away to uncover something. Of course we’re all dance music fans so we know right away that hiding behind the snow is the infamous mau5head.

Some seem to think it could be Snowcone. Better yet, is this the beginning of the promotional work for the next deadmau5 album? We know that in late April Joel already had 6 album tracks completed so it might be an appropriate time to kick off the hype for the next LP.

Update: iTunes Japan already updated its pages and let us know that Deadmau5 will be releasing “Snowcone” tomorrow. Have a listen below.