24 Things We Learned from the Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE AMA

F*ck, Marry, Kill? – Diplo, Calvin Harris, Kaskade

“both think this fuck calvin, marry diplo, kill kaskade”

Dillon Francis Challenged to a DJ-off by DJ Dylan Francis (seriously)


Is Dillon naturally hilarious or do others help him with jokes?

“Yea its all mine and I’m hilarious”

Where did NGHTMRE get the pot sound from “Street”?

“freesound.org Search Pan 8-10”

NGHTMRE has merch coming soon

hahah I know its taking forever. We wanted to make sure the logo and stuff was all finished before we released all the merch.

How does Dillon keep his hair so perfect?

“I use this weird pomade from England. It has cow semen in it which helps my hair stand up so well.”

Who usually initiates conversations about Dillon Francis remixes?

“90% of the time its me asking to remix the song for the artist…”

Would you rather be EDC Pickle lost in the crowd, a Taco without meat, or Luke Skywalker’s dismembered hand?

D: edc pickle

N: edc pickle as well

NGHTMRE down to start Bass House Mafia with Slander

“We’ve definitely thought a lot about it already. You guys will just have to wait and see!”

Will either of them be at EDC Vegas?

“we’re not allowed to say”

What’s the weirdest fan interaction you’ve experienced?

Dillon: Some girl came up behind me and grabbed my ass. That’s molestaion right there, and i didn’t want it.

NGHTMRE: I had random guy at the venue I was djing at in Mackay, Australia pull out a tooth right in front of me after my set.

Who is Marshmello?

you guys should know this by now

Dillon, how is your cat?

great…hes still a piece of shit tho

When is Spoon U gonna be released?

Can’t talk about it

Dillon will you bang my girlfriend? She’s hot and she loves you.

yeah I’m down call me 16095353455

Any new EP coming up for Dillon?

im just working on singles right now

How did NGHTMRE get started DJing?

Honestly it was a bunch of music from guys like Girl Talk, Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, Kill the Noise, Nero, Justice that made me want to produce my own music. Once I had people asking me to perform shows I spent a few months teaching myself how to DJ !

What music did you initially want to produce when you first started out?

D: i loved rusko so much and wanted to make the next woo boost

N: electro house like old porter and zedd stuff

NGHTMRE has collabs with Flux Pavilion and Loudpvck coming

Those two collabs are both finished so just waiting for the release! Loudpvck collab is called “Click Clack” and will be released with OWSLA, Flux collab is called “Feel Your Love” and will be released on Circus.

What is the most lit thing you’ve ever done?

D+N: Get wasted on a tuesday night at Dave and Busters with the boys, and get no girls, and go home alone. It was lit.

Are you still cool with DJ hanzel? Do you know when his single with drezo is coming out? And when is your collab with Alesso or GTA gonna be released?

Hit them about it because they’re the ones who are going to be releasing it not me! The songs are pretty much done.

NGHTMRE on sampling real world sounds

Not always, Just sometimes I like to sample real world stuff because it can create something unique that you might not get from a synth.

Favorite venue you’ve ever played

D +N: we both love playing festivals …

D: the gorge paradiso


Does Dillon have time for music outside of his snapchat career?