A Jack Ü & Zayn Malik Collab May Have Been Leaked

Has Jack Ü teamed up with Zayn Malik for a unexpected collaboration? A new song and music video titled “Fly High” was posted to a Jeanbox Proyectx YouTube channel. This channel has other “leaked” tracks from artists that include: Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, David Guetta, Sia, and more.

For those new to the whole pop-music thing, Zayn Malik was once a contestant on the British X Factor and a member of One Direction. He later found success on his own by topping the music charts in FIVE countries with his hit single “Pillowtalk.”

If you thought this video was a part of Diplo’s new music tease on Twitter, think again. The “Fly High” music video was posted 3 weeks ago. Is it real? Probably not. But you never know. Let us know if you think it is and who you’d like for them to actually collab with (or avoid) in the future, in the comments.