William Black

Gareth Emery ft. Janet Devlin – Lost (William Black Remix)

William Black has been on our radar since we first stumbled upon his “Emotional” remix. Since then, William Black has never failed to tantalize our senses with new remixes, each with an invigorating interpretation of the original track. With every release, William Black strives to raise his own standard, as the young and talented Los Angeles native is consistent in his production of noteworthy material. Today, William Black presents us with a new piece, his remix for Gareth Emery‘s original track, “Lost“.

Emery’s “Lost” features the vocals of songstress Janet Devlin. It is notable from the track’s beginning, that William Black has revamped the track in its omneity. Black increased the tempo of Devlin’s lyrics in order to compliment the spectral beginning of the remix, ushering listeners into the impending and bass-infused drop. William Black’s remix available to purchase individually, or as part of Gareth Emery’s “Lost” remix package. Stream the track for free, and see the link below to purchase William Black’s “Lost” remix.

Gareth Emery ft. Janet Devlin – Lost (William Black Remix) | Purchase