Eric Prydz Curates 150+ Track Spotify Playlist

The mastermind is back with more songs to fill your Pryda dreams. Eric Prydz has been on a roll for the past year and he’s continuing it by giving us access to over 150 of his original songs.

Eric has teamed up with Spotify to do an interview an release many of his songs through their streaming site. He’s coming off his debut full length album Opus and a series of his own custom production shows called EPIC 4.0. After actively making music for about 15 years he is now front and center in the dance music world. Opus was viewed by many as one of the best progressive house albums out there and a piece or art that you can tell has years of work put into it. Some of the songs on there are many years old as are some included in this Spotify library. Included in this library are clips of an interview with Eric detailing his music an his career.

“Musically, I keep to myself,” says Prydz in one aside. “I do music that excites me… I don’t listen to trends, I kind of just do my own thing.”

In another, Prydz gets candid about his process, saying: “I don’t necessarily make music for the purpose of releasing as records. I make music to play at my live sets.”

If you’ve been a Prydz fan you know he makes his songs to his own tastes an what he likes but in turn that ends up pleasing the fans even more because of how brilliant some of his music can be. If you haven’t heard Opus yet you are missing out, but be sure to head to Spotify to listen to this treasure trove of Prydz history.