Deadmau5 Battles Pasquale Rotella and Revives The Cube

Another day, another deadmau5 Twitter story. Sorry guys but the dude makes news a lot. Today the Mau5 started things off on a positive note teasing the return of his epic beloved Cube stage production. Evidently last summer’s dome was a “production band-aid” and not the next evolution of Deadmau5 stage production we all thought it was. Oh yeah, and that long forgotten Entropy tour? It has a new name and is about 40% done, and we imagine this new cube will be part of it.

While the dome was cool, the Cube is one of the most iconic pieces of stage production in dance music history and fans would love to see it return. From the looks of it, the Cube might be in for a redesign.

Sadly, this exciting tidbit was forgotten when Deadmau5 sarcastically announced he would not be playing EDC Vegas this year. It devolved into a bit of a battle with Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella. In the end Pasquale, always the nice guy in the EDM world, noted that fans would love to see him at EDC but it is unlikely Mau5 would accept the invitation to play.

Oddly enough Paavo from Above & Beyond joined the chorus and backed up Deadmau5 on the point that bigger is not always better, bemoaning the corporatism of Insomniac’s festivals.