How Many Calories Do You Burn At A Festival?


Think back to the most recent music festival that you’d attended. Perhaps it was Ultra, perhaps it was Coachella, those specifics don’t really matter. What really matters is that you try and empathize with your past self for a second. Now of course depending on your personal style, your experience may vary, but lets just assume that by at least the closing night of said festival, the weekend (or week) of non-stop partying had finally started catching up with you. The physical exhaustion, the aching feet, and the sluggishness all started to creep in, even with the insatiable desire for more dancing and raving. Sadly the post festival crash is always imminent. Well, as it turns out, that might be because music festivals are a pretty efficient way to burn a couple thousand calories a day.

Elite Daily teamed up with Electric Daisy Cardio, I mean Carnival, to bring you the educational fitness video posted below. According to their research, shuffling burns an average of 361 Calories an hour, twerking burns an average of 390 Calories an hour, and jumping up and down an average of 625 per hour. Over the course of a day, that energy expenditure can add up quick. So keep this in mind the next time you head to a festival, because the $15 Gatorade sold by the vendors may in fact be worth it if you start feeling a little worn out.

Then again, maybe not….