Time Warp Argentina Promoter Faces Jail After Deaths

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Time Warp Argentina is suffering after its April 15-16 event in Buenos Aires, as five young individuals passed away and four more were hospitalized. As a result, the promoter behind the event – Dell Producciones – is being targeted by Federal Judge Sebastian Casanello, who has ordered the arrest of numerous DP team members. The DP attorney, Maxilliano Avila, and Carlos Maria Garat, who was in charge of Time Warp’s venue evacuation plan, have already been arrested; Adrian Conci, who is head of the event production company, is a third who will be held accountable for these deaths. The Costa Rica Star claims that Conci has been “on the run” since Casanello targeted him.

Beyond these three key players, 28 additional defendants will testify before Casanello in connection to the event. Witnesses who attended claimed that festival-goers were often offered ecstacy, LSD, cocaine and other designer drugs.

Dell Producciones, as a result, will be banned from hosting events in Buenos Aires. The mayor of the city, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, has also stopped issuing permits for major electronic music festivals until city legislature approves the proper laws to prevent drug abuse during these events.

UPDATE: Adrian Conci has turned himself in after spending 9 days as a fugitive. According to the Buenos Aires Herald, witnesses claim he was found on the steps of the Comodor Py courthouse in tears, with a rosary in hand.

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