Steve Angello Receives Award from MTV for Charity Work

Steve Angello has had an incredible solo career. With his own recording label Size Records, his debut studio album Wild Youth, and countless gigs at festivals, it is no surprise that the Swedish producer has a considerable amount of wealth. Thankfully, Angello is the kind of person who wants to share that privilege with those who are not fortunate enough to enjoy such lavish lifestyles. A great example came last year when he donated $5,000 to a little girl in need of a liver after her father asked Steve on Instagram.

Through his organization Size Foundation, Angello was able to help children in impoverished communities receive the education that they deserve. In honor of his charitable nature, MTV awarded him with their Latin American MTV Chiuku award, which is given to artists who use their position in society to address humanitarian issues that many would otherwise not think twice about. When asked about the award, Steve Angello stated:

I feel very happy and honoured to receive an award for something that usually goes unnoticed. Being recognised for our work means a lot to us and everything we do is to help others improve their lives. MTV has given us a powerful voice and together we can make a positive difference in the world! Again, we thank you. We really appreciate the support!”