Pioneer DJ Debuts Its First Live Performance Device


Pioneer has always been a household name when it comes to DJ equipment. For generations, the community it has built around its state-of-the-art turntables and record accessories has hung on Pioneer’s every last word as they release product after product. Now, Pioneer is changing it up a bit by launching their first ever sampler that they are calling TORAIZ SP-16. With a handful of features all included in this tight and compact device, it has just as much place in a live gig setting as it does in the studio.

Sitting as a pretty $1,499 USD, this device earns its price tag with a wealth of features including a 7-inch LED touch screen, analog filters, 16-step sequences, and most importantly, its availability to sync up with CDJs. This last bit is what they are pushing hardest as the TORAIZ SP-16’s best selling point, as it allows for seamless integration into an DJ’s live setup.

When it comes to looks, this devices is sleek and sexy with a handful of colorful bells and whistles that make it even easier on the eyes (especially in a dark club environment). The 4×4 grid of velocity-sensitive sample pads allow you to load up your favorite sounds and freely layer drums on the fly. All these pads have assignable colors as well, which allows for an even easier customization. This goes same with the 16-step sequencer that allows for quick and easy ways to generate up to 256 patterns of percussions, FX loops, or whatever your little creative heart desires.

Below is an interview with Dave Smith, the creator of this amazing sampler, where he talks about linking up with Pioneer as well as all the ways he has changed the hardware synth game. For more information about the TORAIZ SP-16, head over here.