Pioneer Unveils Two Brand New Controllers

 photo ddj-rr-main_zpszloxnvb8.pngPioneer, the foremost trusted name and manufacturer of DJ performance gear, has released two new models to their range of Rekordbox controllers. Pioneer equipment is known for its durability, playability, and these new models don’t fail to deliver the features and build quality that Pioneer is so well known for.

The new DDJ-RB and DDJ-RR are both packed with all the features you have grown to expect from the DDJ line including large high quality platters, CDJ style Play/Cue buttons, 16 responsive beat pads, and the signature bandpass filter. Pioneer didn’t stop with what you have grown to expect, and decided to also include some innovative new features that are adding unique possibilities for DJs who choose to perform with controllers.

The most exciting new feature is the proprietary “Sequence Load” button which allows performers to load a series of samples, each triggered to the beat pads, to easily include vocal samples and chops live into the mix. This clever new feature also aids DJs looking to scratch and manipulate samples by making it possible to load sounds to scratch independent of the currently playing decks.

A second exciting new feature is the PC master out, which allows users to route audio into or out of their computer. while still having access to the mix through the DDJ. This makes practicing or performing in any situation a breeze.

A final new feature of the new DDJ line is the addition of a three band mic eq. Most Pioneer mixers only have two bands, a lowpass, and a highpass option, which limits the quality of mic-ing vocals right through the mixer. This is just another way in which Pioneer is choosing to enhance the creative possibilities of their performance tools.

Overall, this new piece of gear is well thought out, innovative, and extremely user friendly. It continues to cement Pioneer into its place of being the industry standard brand for DJ gear and equiptment.

Look no further than Pioneer when looking to upgrade your DJ equipment, its quality, features, and price, are unmatched by others in the marketplace.