KJ Sawka Hints At Pendulum Reunion Tour

It looks like Pendulum’s Ultra Music Festival set may have been the start of a potential reunion tour. The group’s live sets have been on hiatus since 2011 and their fans were left wanting more after their epic UMF 2016 performance.

During a recent Facebook Q&A, Pendulum/Destroid drummer KJ Sawka was flooded with questions about a potential reunion tour. Sawka did not directly confirm a tour, but judging by his answers, Pendulum fans should preparing themselves for a string of epic shows.

kj sawka

kj sawka

We all hope that these electronic rock legends bring us more good news in the near future. Who knows, maybe a new album is on the horizon. In 2014, a new Pendulum album was teased with a possible 2015 release date. We anxiously await the group’s full return, but in the meantime, we remind ourselves that patience is a virtue.

H/T: Your EDM