Justin Martin – Hello Clouds

 photo justin-martin-hello-clouds-2016-billboard-620_zps6dhgk7np.jpg

Today was a big day for the Dirtybird family as Hello Clouds, the highly anticipated album from Dirtybird Records co-founder, Justin Martin finally saw the light of day.

Hello Clouds, Martin’s second full length album, lives up to its high expectations, and further builds upon the success of his previous full length album, Ghettos & Gardens. Martin goes all out with this new album by drawing and improving on his past work through infusing a unique techno and minimal house aesthetic, with pulsating analog bass.

Through collaborating with fellow Dirtybird artists, Martin has created an album that ended up being as diverse as its creative roster. Collaborators include, Kill Frenzy, Ardalan, Will Clarke, FEMME, Charlotte OC, Lena Cullen, and a host of others. Every song on the album makes a unique statement, which combines to create an interesting, yet extremely funky, well thought out body of music. Hello Clouds is a bold statement to the world of electronic music, and proves that Justin Martin does not dare to be different.