Could Jack U’s “Bounce It” Be Nearing Release?

bounce it

It’s absolutely crazy to think about the meteoric rise of Jack U. Even when the duo first decided to announce a name, Skrillex and Diplo played a daytime set at Ultra 2014. Regarded as one of the best sets that year, it opened up with “Bounce It“, a track that Diplo has called merely “a DJ tool”. Though Skrillex and Diplo have gone on to release huge remixes and an album with multi-platinum singles, “Bounce It” was never heard from again. Fans demanded it and asked Diplo about it on every possible occasion, and even he wasn’t sure what to do with it.

Well now “Bounce It” is re-emerging on the scene, right on the verge of Jack U’s performance at Coachella where new music was promised. Mija and Jauz were caught dropping the ID as recently as this week, although some believe it may just be an edit. As is always the case with these things you should keep your grain of salt handy. However, a track with such a cool origin re-emerging in sets by Mija and Jauz who are very tight with the entire OWSLA family on the eve of new Jack U music seems a bit too convenient. What do you think of this version and do you think it will be dropped at Coachella?

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