Jack Ü Debuts Slushii Remix Of “Killa” At Coachella


Close your eyes. Now think of the 2 biggest names in electronic music right now. If Diplo and Skrillex weren’t your first thoughts, close your eyes and try again. The dynamic duo destroyed Coachella as Jack Ü this past weekend with a retro stage setup and an insane set that is worth watching over and over again. Part of that, straight fire set, was Slushii’s remix of Wiwek and Skrillex’s track, “Killa.”

Not just your favorite convenience store frozen drink anymore, Slushii has captured the attention of the music community with his innovative style and sounds remixing songs from big names like Kaskade, Galantis, Zedd, and Adventure Club. Yet another DJ cloaked in anonymity, Slushii’s sounds are completely unpredictable yet amazing. This remix hits hard and is VERY different than his original track, “Sapient Dream” released last week. If just the DJ names in this post don’t demonstrate Slushii’s range of works well enough, check out his SoundCloud page for a series of deliciously refreshing flavors. If you feel like listening to some of this past weekend’s Coachella sets, head over here.