Insomniac Releases New Video For The ‘Road To EDC20’

The Insomniac video and editing teams are back at it again. They are currently ramping up for the 20th anniversary of the Electric Daisy Carnival. These media professionals are masters of their crafts and know how to perfectly encapsulate the EDC experience.

Insomniac Events recently released a ‘Road To EDC20’ video on its YouTube channel. The video shows festival recaps and promos from 2008-2015. The 12 minute video takes viewers on a journey from the L.A. Coliseum to the massive Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It is truly amazing to see how much EDC has grown.

EDC after movies have always provoked an emotional response from viewers. If you have been a headliner before or are passionate about the idea behind EDC, you may have shed a few happy tears watching.

We have no doubts that Insomniac will go bigger and better than ever before. You still have a chance to go to the 20th anniversary in Las Vegas. Join your friends and family under the electric sky this summer. Grab tickets here.