DJ Snake Worth $8 Million

snake has reported that DJ Snake, the Algerian DJ and producer famous for “Turn Down for What,” “Lean On,” “Get Low,” and numerous other well-known EDM bangers, has a net worth of $8 million.

This should come as no surprise, with the continual growth in popularity of this genre and music scene and the popularity that comes with success in this field. Many of the DJs that exist in the EDM world are arguably at the same level of celebrity stardom as movie stars and musicians from other genres. After all, for artists like Calvin Harris and Skrillex, the paycheck Interestingly enough, this high price label does not compete with other EDM DJs, including Martin Garrix – his net worth sits at $14 million – and Zedd, whose net worth is $25 million. For those saying the bubble has burst, there are several million reasons to reconsider.