Deadmau5 Scolds Deorro: “Learn The Business You’re In”

Twitter bickering has become a common occurence in the music industry, and this is no exception. This time around, Deorro took to his Twitter account to express his thoughts about being signed to a major record label and the struggles he was having with it. He described how, because he was part of a major label, he had to split his credit for production with others who had not actually contributed to the track at all.

A few days later, Deadmau5 decided to chime in with his two cents, taking the thoughtful tweet and shutting it down completely. As he has been in the music industry much longer than Deorro, is more well-known and has a much more solid standing, it does not surprise us that he replied with something of a condescending tone. He explains that if someone is taking the credit for co-producing on one of your tracks without you knowing it, it’s your fault – you have to learn and understand the industry you’re a part of.

Sorry, Deorro. You’ve been scolded by the master.