Deadmau5 Calls Out Alok for Playing Track Rip at Tomorrowland Brazil

In the world of DJing, unreleased tracks are a sort of currency to impress crowds and demonstrate your own importance. For those of us lowly people who aren’t well connected, we suffice by downloading crappy rips from places like Soundcloud or YouTube. Producers know that these rips are vastly inferior in sound quality to the full fledged FLAC or 320 files they work with. However many of us have fallen victim to the temptation of using a rip in a set when we just can’t get the real thing.

It just so happens that one of Deadmau5most in-demand unreleased tracks, “Imaginary Friends”, is on his Soundcloud and exists in rip-form in several places. Sure us regular people would snap that up and play it out, but would you do that on the stage of an international festival like Tomorrowland Brazil? This past weekend Alok did just that on the mainstage and caught the ire of Deadmau5 himself.

Then things took a turn as Deadmau5 pointed his anger at Tomorrowland.

In case you were wondering, here is a clip of the moment as it happened. Let this be a lesson folks, don’t play track rips at international festivals.