Deadmau5 Applies to Purchase $450,000 Ford GT

Purrrd GT
Credit goes to @droid6 on Instagram for the Photoshop

First came the Purrari, then the Nyanborghini Purracan, then the MeowcLaren 650S and then dat P1 tho.. (among many others). Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5‘s continued success has not only allowed him to build new and improved studios, gaming rigs and LAN dens over the years (shout out to PCMR!), but to also gather a respectable collection of high performance vehicles. Most recently, dead mow cinco streamed his application process on his Twitch Live Stream for his latest and greatest desire, the new 2017 Ford GT.

If his application is accepted, Deadmau5 will have the opportunity to purchase one of the first 500 2017 Ford GT’s to roll off the production line in Ontario, Canada. And it’s only going to set him back a measly $450,000 USD or so. Well worth the price for a redesigned piece of American automotive history.

Here’s to hoping for more coffee runs in a brand new Purrrd GT.