Chris Lake Reminds Us Why It’s Bad To Be A Snob

chris lakeIt seems that with every passing day, there is another artist showing their discontent with the dance music community. From Mat Zo to deadmau5, many producers have taken jabs at the collective group of people who listen to EDM. This time, Chris Lake had a few words to share about his thoughts on the current state of the EDM tolerance within the community.

Although his short rant was posted a couple years ago, it somehow made its way back to the public eye. In his rant, Lake talks about how each genre of EDM likes to think of themselves as the best while hating on every other genre. According to the Scottish producer,  “deep down, we each think our musical taste is the right choice, and everyone else is wrong.”

Perhaps this narrow-minded listening of EDM is due to the fact that some people are too lazy or afraid to venture out into other genres of dance music. Once they find a sound they like, they try to find other songs that are similar to that song. This creates a chain reaction that leads to people sticking to one genre and failing to recognize the beauty of another. While it is okay to have a favorite style of EDM, Chris Lake’s point is that we should not hate on everything else just because we find something we like. Being open to new sounds is the key to music discovery, and we could all use a bit more tolerance. chris lake