24-Hour Reddit Electronic Music Yearmix 2016


Many DJ sets nowadays typically last for an hour or two and stick to a few genres that the artist is comfortable playing. While this has been the accepted norm for many performers at music festivals and smaller concerts, the idea of a 24-hour set probably wouldn’t appeal to many. With the fast-paced society that we live in, focusing on one task for extended periods of time just seems out of reach. However, the Reddit DJ community has proven otherwise.

Mixing a full 24 hours of tracks from countless EDM genres, DJ’s from all around the world worked together to create a set that has proven the genres can all coexist. Endless work and effort from the globe’s dedicated DJ’s has been manifested in the form of this colossal compilation spanning across genres from trap and hardstyle to trance and house. With 612 tracks, there is surely something for everyone to enjoy. Take a trip through today’s EDM world with this magnificent marvel and indulge in new and old favorites. For more information about the project, including the extensive tracklist, head over here.