X Ambassadors – Unsteady (Justin Caruso Remix)

The X Ambassadors released “Unsteady” back in 2015 within their debut album, “VHS.” The album as a whole told of “…[their] journey into adulthood,” and this song in particular really struck a chord with the public at large. Perhaps it’s the bare simplicity of the instrumentals, the power of its piano, or the sonority of Sam Harris’ vocals, but the “Unsteady” has managed to bleed into radio-airwaves nationwide and seep into our minds for at least the last 5 months. The emotive single is taking its next step in etching its name in our brains even further with a fresh remix package, and we’re here to single out EDMTunes’ favorite from none other than Justin Caruso.

“First time I heard this track (Unsteady) I fell in love with the vocals and the tone of the song and I was so excited to put my own point of view on it. I wanted to capture the original song by starting my remix with the piano and vocals on it’s own, but then added my own elements to put my own twist on it.” – Justin Caruso

As with any hit record remix package, we worry the essence of the original may be muddied or completely erased, but Caruso does “Unsteady” justice, paying his respects to Harris by maintaining its signature vocals and enhancing what was already there with a very welcomed electronic zest. Taste and execution like this is why we’ve taken interest in this young producer’s career in the paste, and exactly why we think you should look out for him in the future. Check it out below, let us know what you think, and be sure to check out the rest of this guy’s stuff on Soundcloud!