‘The Walking Dead’ Meets EDM In This Hilarious New Parody

the walking dead

For any fans of The Walking Dead out there, you know there is nothing worse than a bunch of mindless zombies. For snobby dance music fans, you probably feel the same way when it comes to mainstream EDM lovers at festivals. Luckily for us, an ambitious YouTube user has combined the two worlds to create a video that we can all relate to.

In the short clip, DJs such as Eric Prydz, Carl Cox, Seth Troxler, Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth and more fight off EDM zombies in order to save a festival. Ultimately, the guys achieve this by blasting the classic “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” edit of Martin Garrix’s “Animals”. The Walking Dead parody then ends with the death of a zombie who happens to be none other than Steve Aoki.

In case they weren’t clear enough, the video’s description reveals the intentions of the creator:

“We tend to mostly blame “mainstream” DJs for producing bad copycats EDM tunes and festivals for giving them the top spots. That’s true BUT don’t forget that without all the people supporting them, they would be nothing. SO people, stop behaving like freakin’ ZOMBIES. Open your ears, open your mind and you will discover that electronic music is much more than the copy/paste tunes you hear on the mainstages! That’s the point of our “The Walking Deaf” parodic video :)”

Check out the trailer for The Walking Deaf below.

H/T: Magnetic Mag