EDMTunes Goes To Point Blank Online: Electronic Music Composition Week 1


The internet is a wealth of knowledge for any up-and-coming producer to delve into. Yet with so many different resources, it can often feel intimidating and can be hard to know where to turn. While YouTube tutorials and producer blogs are good, they often make you feel disconnected from the instructor. Nothing beats having the resources of an instructor and a classroom of peers (even a virtual one) to bounce ideas and questions off of. That is why we at EDMTunes are taking our production knowledge to the next step by taking Point Blank Online’s electronic music composition course and letting you know what all the fun is about.

Week one is wrapping up, and the main emphasis is centered around learning how to use the Point Blank Online (PBO) course sites, and gauging where all the students in the class are at. The two instructors (yes there are two, as these online classes are becoming ever ore popular) each are there to help you with a wide arrange of problems and questions as we all get settled in to the course.

The course is broken up into eight different weeks, with each week focusing on more progressive ideas. As this is only the first week, we primarily focused on basic chords and how to use those chords to flesh out musical ideas. The hour long Skype session with the instructor gave us all a chance to put a face to the name and from here. he provided downloadable project files so that we could have a hands-on approach to everything he was going over.

This week was pretty remedial, but it was a great way to start figuring out how to best use this great platform PBO has available. More detailed course breakdowns will be provided in the upcoming weeks as we delve more into the meat of electronic music composition. For more information, and to see what other phenomenal courses they offer, head over to Point Blank Online’s website.

See you all next week!