Remaining Mau5trap Bus Tour Stops Cancelled Amid Sickness

deadmau5 bus tour

Sometimes traveling in close quarters with your best friends or labelmates can cause problems for everyone. The Mau5trap label headed up by deadmau5 was trucking down the Eastern coast of the US via a dope tour bus which we showed you recently. Unfortunately, when you all spend so much time so close together one little cold can spread like a virus, literally. Now word is quietly trickling down to various cities along the Mau5hax tour that their stops have been cancelled due to sickness among many of the artists on the tour.

We already saw deadmau5 post a track called “Sick Days”, which now has a lot more meaning. First word came that the Atlanta stop would be cancelled, then other stops in Florida such as Orlando and LIV (not to be confused with Treehouse, Miami) began receiving similar notices all with the same announcement language.


Of course everybody’s minds must be wandering to that fabled A State of Trance 750 set and the afterparty on March 20th in Miami. We can assume the team is resting up now so that they can be in good health for Miami Music Week. Certainly deadmau5 couldn’t cancel an Ultra set due to sickness after the way he called out Avicii in 2014 right?