Colorado Is Getting A New 4-Day Camping Festival


Colorado is known for having some of the most scenic outdoor music venues in the country. Red Rocks Amphitheatre, The Fred Shellman Memorial Stage and the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater are just a few of many beautiful stages. But as breath-taking as these venues are, the state itself is not really known for its camping festivals. However, that is all going to change thanks to Madison House Presents, the company behind Electric Forest.

While very little specifics about the festival have surfaced since the news broke, what has been revealed is that Colorado’snew camping festival will take place for four days on a large 274-acre ranch on the west end of Buena Vista. The event will take place August 4th – 7th, the weekend after Bassnectar‘s Bass Center. Knowing how successful Electric Forest has been in the past, this festival will definitely deliver on its promise to be an amazing inaugural festival for the state.

According to Jeremy Stein, President of Madison House Presents, this historic moment was widely supported by the Chaffee County community.

“Today is the start of something very special in Colorado, and we are excited to honor the approval we have received from the Chaffee County community. Participation in the permitting process, from many voices in the community, have created a true collaboration. We aim for this festival to be a mighty source of Colorado pride.  The setting is stunning, the music will be amazing, and the art will inspire.  At the festival’s core, is a community seeking fun, exploration, and common ground.  This is the inauguration of a magical Summer celebration.” 

Stay tuned for more news.

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