Cedric Gervais Getting Ready For A Crazy Miami Music Week [EDMTunes Interview]

cedric gervais

Cedric Gervais is launching his new label, Delecta Records, and setting up to kick off a huge Miami Music Week. We sat down with him to discuss this and what Miami Music Week goers should expect to see this week. With many events going on this week in Miami, its for sure going to be a week full of partying and entertainment. Check out the interview below followed by his label launch event in-store for Wednesday with fellow guests Nervo. He’ll be building up to his main performance Saturday at the Worldwide Stage inside Ultra Music Festival at 9PM EST.

1) What style of music will be on your new label?

“Essentially house music, I’ve been dj’ing and producing for many years I want to write records I can play in my sets and this is what Delecta is for… I don’t want to be pigeonholed as my music and tastes evolve as will the label.”

2) MMW and Ultra is a arguably the biggest kick-off to festival season, what should fans expect from your performances this week, any unreleased music or surprises?

“I have around 6 releases ready to go for Delecta, some of which have not been played out yet, Im close to finishing a collaboration with Moby on his incredible Natural Blues record and I just remixed a record from Sigala which i think will go down really well at Ultra.. I’ve also got a couple of records I produced just for festivals so Im looking forward to dropping those. Im very excited about my show at LIV with Nervo where we are officially launching my label Delecta, in my home town, its a big moment for me at one of the best clubs in the world. It’ll be nice to share the moment with all my friends and I’m sure the party will be crazy we’re planning for a BIG night, Miami style!!!!”

3) As a resident of Miami, what is like when people come to town for MMW?

“its busy, its really busy. Its great for the city and personally i love it because all my friends from around the world come to my town for the week. Its fun… but i may need a siesta afterwards.”

4) Miami is home to MMW/WMC for a reason, but what exactly makes this city the pioneering dance-music city that is?

“Miami is a very diverse city, there are people from all over the world here and the fusion of cultures helps create Miami, it helps with the music and the food and the energy its a special place , I could never leave. The people are very accepting of different cultures and i think this really helps for a flourishing music scene..”

5) Marco Rubio has voiced his apparent love for dance music…do you have any thoughts on how what was once such an “underground” culture has evolved into even the most conservative of forums?

“As soon as something becomes successful people want to jump on it , they want to be part of it … I think thats great. I don’t care what style of music it is you play if you have an audience, if people are enjoying themselves and people are having a good time and for that moment they can forget about their normal lives and routines and problems and let go, thats a powerful thing.”

 6) Final thoughts or comments for those coming to town, any advice for newcomers?

“Theres so much to do & so much to see, you have some of the worlds best electronic talent playing for a week, take it all in if you like Dance music then this should be your playground. Don’t go to hard, pace yourself, be safe and enjoy Miami, the restaurants and the beach and hopefully the weather as well !!!”

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