Burning Man Sells Out In 30 Minutes

burning man

Whether you have ever attended or not, it is common knowledge that Burning Man is an experience unlike any other. Those who have had the pleasure of being part of this magnificent gathering know that the word “festival” cannot accurately describe this event, nor can any one single word. It is captivating, emotional, awe-inspiring, and raw—and that doesn’t even begin to explain it.

But while we all know that Burning Man is a unique experience, the main point here is that it sold out yesterday in an astounding 30 minutes. 30,000 tickets went on sale for $390 each while 10,000 vehicle passes were sold for $80 each. Those lucky enough to snag tickets will be converging onto the Black Rock Desert, home of the glorious annual event. The theme for this year’s Burning Man community is DaVinci’s Workshop and the Italian Renaissance. What they will have in store this year, nobody knows. But what we do know is that the art, music, and community will blow us away yet again.