It is not uncommon for fans to do whatever they can to get front row seats for their favorite artists, which is especially true for Bassnectar fans, who have quite a history of being aggressive when it comes to getting up front. Despite his many efforts to persuade them to respect others, they have generally all been in vein.

Lorin Ashton has tried many times to ask his fans to refrain from acting violently, but it seems that the situation only continues to escalate after every event. This past weekend’s Okeechobee Festival saw the exact same thing happen. While other artists at the festival included Kendrick LamarSkrillexFetty Wap and more, the diverse lineup did not seem to matter for those who wanted to snag a front row view of Bassnectar.


Footage surfaced of violent attendees fighting each other to reach the front of the crowd for their favorite DJ, but due to copyright issues, INgrooves had the YouTube video blocked. But even if the evidence has been erased, we must still address the issue.

While it is okay to be enthusiastic about your favorite DJ, the most important thing to understand is that PLUR is more than just a catch phrase used to describe the electronic music world. At events, we all need to treat each other with love and respect, and by being peaceful and unified, we can do that. So whether you are one of the fans who find themselves clawing their way to the front or not, please remember to respect others.