Serato Wants Its Phone App To DJ Your Get-Together


Oh boy, the push-play crowd is gonna have a field day with this one. You may know that Serato makes DJ software and hardware favored by many big names in the dance music community. The biggest development in the past few years in dance music is the democratization of the art, allowing bedroom producers to flourish when that used to be impossible. Now, Serato wants to automate DJing with a simple phone app called Pyro.

Before you break out the pitchforks, Serato is making it clear that this isn’t any type of replacement for a real DJ. Essentially, you create a playlist of hip-hop, top 40, or dance music and it will blend the tracks into eachother without that awkward silence between tracks or that 2 minute long intro and outro. This app is not aimed at DJing your party, but it is aimed at DJing your pregame or your casual get together. As EDM fans, many of you probably know the feeling of standing over at the AUX cord searching for the next song and missing out on socializing. Serato made this app for you with the hope that maybe it’ll be able to lure you deeper into the DJing world so that one day you’ll use the full fledged Serato suite.

Source: Billboard