Porter Robinson’s “Sea Of Voices” Incorporated Into ‘Allegiant’ Trailer

sea of voices

Porter Robinson has enjoyed much success from his second studio album Worlds, which was released in mid 2014. After promoting the album with a huge worldwide tour that featured live performances at numerous festivals, the 23-year-old DJ/producer from North Carolina has undoubtedly made his mark on the dance music community with this astounding work of art.

One of the songs on the album, “Sea Of Voices“, perfectly captures the essence of the work — emotional, beautiful and uplifting. This amazing piece has now entered the ranks of electronic music that has broken the barrier between mainstream pop culture and the EDM scene. Featured in the trailer for the latest installation of the Divergent series films, Allegiant, Robinson’s song helps to convey a mood of hope while amplifying the movie’s scenery. Although the movies, like most film adaptations of books, may diverge from the novels, it will surely receive love from fans of the film. Allegiant will hit theaters March 18.