Kyau & Albert Celebrate The 20-Year Anniversary of Their Career

Ralph Kyau & Steven Albert first brought their creative minds together in 1994. Adopting the moniker Kyau vs. Albert, the duo eventually dropped ‘vs.’ for the more universally comprehendible ‘&,”’ and have embraced a fruitful producer / DJ career for over two decades now.

“Your fan fixation may have materialized like mine while you were hanging out at a house party enjoying your self-taught DJ friend’s skills at the decks.  He dropped some tracks that were so rhythmically and lyrically captivating that you adamantly inquired about the artist and track name.  Maybe one time the answer came back, “It’s Kyau vs. Albert ‘Velvet Morning’ on Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State of Trance 2004.’”  Perhaps another time the answer was, “Oceanlab ‘Sirens Of The Sea’ (Kyau vs. Albert vocal mix.)”  Time and again and totally unbiased, the tracks that soulfully spellbound you always pointed in some way to the same two artists of Kyau and Albert. And now the thoughts raced, “Who were these Kyau and Albert people, I want to know more about them and their music, and I can’t wait to see them live.” – Kathy Vitkus, EDMForLife

These words have remained with the German duo for years, encapsulating the multi-faceted nature behind their ever evolving sound. Above & Beyond’s legendary radio show payed homage to Kyau & Albert’s 20th Anniversary with a special guest mix – shouting out their upcoming performance at Avalon Hollywood on-air. Catch the trance pioneers this Saturday, as they celebrate these momentous accomplishments.