Kanye ‘Begs’ TIDAL To The Top Of The iTunes Chart

tidalIf you’ve been even remotely close to a computer or TV screen these past few weeks, it’s been impossible to avoid any news surrounding Kanye West and the release of his latest album The Life of Pablo. Whether you believe he’s a genius, an idiot, or can’t seem to understand why he’s so damn famous, people seem to be clinging and commenting on each and every word – or controversial tweet – that seems to come from his persona.

No matter your feelings on the superstar/music icon, it seems his influence on the masses has been proven even further. After recently pleading with fans to subscribe to the music streaming service TIDAL , it has risen to #1 on the overall iOS App Store charts for the first time since it’s launch – a jump which one would credited to Mr. West, as subscribers were given access to his latest album a week earlier than their non-subscribing counterparts.

As a partial owner/investor, Kanye has every reason to push fans towards subscribing to the music streaming service. Similar to the release of TLOP, TIDAL’s shaky launch was met with hesitation and a fairly lukewarm reception. It would seem however, that both artist and service are looking to support one another, as Kanye confessed that the money from TIDAL was being used to fund his other “scripted” ideas.

Let’s hope that other artists don’t follow this format, and continue releasing their music on all streaming services. Exclusivity has never benefitted the masses, and forcing listeners to choose music streaming applications based on artist support could bring a new level of competition between the likes of Spotify, Apple Music and TIDAL, as they attempt to lure artists to releasing music exclusively within their applications.